Forest Gumping for Pieta House & Billy’s World (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Reynolds Wild Atlantic Run2

Running 1,800 Miles (2,500KM) might not seem like everyone’s idea of a fun thing to do but for Leitrim born Tom Reynolds and Lillian Deegan that’s exactly what it is. Plus, they are raising money for Pieta House and Billy’s World which makes theirs a noble cause (You can donate by following this link).

Having started out in Derry on 23rd of July (you can follow their progress here), their target is running the entire Wild Atlantic Way. This involves running over 50+ miles a day. Below is the route they are following with the current position of each runner marked in red.


I became aware of their endeavours this morning by accident when scrolling through my Facebook feed and, being fascinated by such things, I grabbed my camera, had a thirty second shower, and flew out the door to catch them in Kinvara.

I see Tom on his way into Kinvara and am told his partner in crime is a little bit behind on account of injury. He has a touch of an injury, too, so he’s taking it easy.

Tom Reynolds Wild Atlantic Run.jpg

Two cheerful Kinvara ladies who don’t know Tom come to run with him for a mile or two as they, like me, are obviously fascinated by those that have such inner fire that they take on such challenges.


He has an old college friend giving him technical assistance along the route and here she is.


So as to provide photographic evidence of his journey he is having his photo taken at various points on the route.


After this photo I bid him farewell and he thanks me for coming out. As an afterthought I think: Thank you, Tom, for brightening an otherwise cloudy day with your gargantuan effort.

His fellow runner will be passing through Galway in a few days and I hope to run a bit with her.

Stay tuned! 🙂


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