Wide Legs & Wide Lenses @ The Dirty Circus in Seven Bar


“You must love your job,” I quip to one of the other three photographers in attendance after watching him get in the middle of the action with his wide angle lens.

“I f***ing love it,” he says, and I suspect I know why.

My back against the wall and snapping away, I personally don’t have the courage to get in “the middle” of the action and instead opt for staying wide of the performers’ left legs, and even from this position I can’t help but feel like a bit of a peeping tom.


MC’ing for the night is Steven Sharpe and he clearly enjoys the adulation of the appreciative audience as he introduces one colourful act after another.


The crowd cheer their appreciation as each act struts and jiggles their stuff onstage throughout the course of their performances.


Extraordinary flexibility, booming singing voices, hula hooping, miming, semi-nudity, a slightly provocative edge, and lots of laugh-out-loud moments are what the show is comprised of.


As the show comes to a close I find myself feeling rather curious about the performers and realise that I shall have to return to The Dirty Circus in the future to get a more in depth appreciation of it.

On the way out I say to the manager, “I’m not sure I’m old enough to see that kind of thing.”

He replies, perplexed, “Why, how old are you?”

“36,” I say, “but I moisturize a lot.”

****Click here to see all pics****


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