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Photojournalistic event coverage of events in Galway, Ireland, or Internationally. Areas of speciality include, but are in no way limited to, endurance events, sports, comedy, theatre, & music festivals. If it can be photographed and written about I will do just that, and I will do it in the most concise and engaging manner possible.

The Best/Worst Marathon In Ireland Survey


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Why I Am Quitting Facebook

Nice picture! Great picture! Oh that’s one for the frame! You look gorgeous, darling! No, it’s a terrible picture! I look terrible and no it’s not one for the frame! You are all liars! I find myself liking people who … Continue reading

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How To Do A Marathon Without Training

Writing this post feels kind of stupid because doing a marathon no longer seems like a big deal to me. But notice how I said “doing”, not running. I had aspirations of running a marathon since my mid twenties but … Continue reading

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Vegans Are Trying To Make Animals Extinct, Warn Experts.

Experts have today released a shocking announcement that farm animals may all be extinct in the near future if the current spread of Veganism continues unabated. “These people say that animals are sentient beings and should not be eaten,” said … Continue reading

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Galway Man Thinks He’s A Cow, Demands Respect

“A cow trapped inside a man’s body, that’s how I feel,” said the Galway man in a mooving tone. “I don’t know why it’s so hard to fathom,” he continued, “I mean women get trapped in men’s bodies and men … Continue reading

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Pussy Plans To Run Ten Marathons In Ten Years For Feminist Charity

No, not a cat, just a very feeble “man” with feminist tendencies as evidenced by his desire to support the newly founded charity called The Irish Alliance Of Women Against Men. A relation of top RTE executives, the man was … Continue reading

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Fucking Nutcase Trains Barefoot

The Galway Cow has learned that there is an out-and-out nutcase going around the country, running marathons, who does a lot of his training barefoot. “It’s the way nature intended,” asserted the fucking nutcase, “your toes are meant to splay … Continue reading

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Galway Man (90) Who Had Sexual Desires Shamed In Court

In the latest in a string of sexual indiscretions the Galway COW can reveal that a 90 year old Galway man once had desires of a sexual nature. “I was a young man,” he said, “barely 18, and I was … Continue reading

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Would You Prefer A Finisher Medal Or A Decent Photo For Your Wall?

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Pillow Talk at Achill Running’s August Event 2017

My legs a bit wobbly from running my first ever marathon the day before, without training I might add (blog post on this coming soon), I decide to double gun it and use two cameras to take photos of this … Continue reading

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