Couch to 36 Miles in 3 Weeks with The Peyton Method :-)

Richard Peyton

While I know I look fierce muscular and narcissistic in this photo, I’m actually neither. What appears to be muscle is actually condensed flab and what appears to be narcissism is really just a bit of fun inspired by watching too many Rocky movies. “Yo, Adrienne, let’s do this”

I ran a marathon last week in 5 hours and 7 mins as part of the director’s run at one of Achill Running’s events with only 2 x 2 mile training runs in the week leading up to it.  I intend to write a rather long winded article on this but that will have to wait till a later date because I’m kinda lazy.

I have signed up to run for 6 hours as part of the Listowel Endurance Festival on 22nd of September and hope to run a target distance of 36 miles in the 6 hours. It’s possible I will fail miserably and end up rupturing something along the way, but I guess if things aren’t challenging then there’s not much reason to do them.

The reason for posting about all of this is because somehow making public declarations about things makes one more likely to do them.

I shall be posting a daily update of my diet and training under the link The Peyton Method where the following links on training and diet will be.

Progress So Far

26.2 Miles in Achill on 25th of August with 1 Week of “Training” – obviously no real training was done but I was very careful about my diet.

Current Status

Weight: 15 Stone (95kgs approx)

Injuries: Neck and hip issues.


– Postural correction by sleeping flat on my back on the floor – badly injured my neck about 2 years ago – Physio was unhelpful, sleeping on the floor for a month helped massively
– Barefoot running twice a week (No not Vibram Five Fingers – actual barefoot running)
– Ice cold showers for about a minute at the end of every hot shower
– Step ups on kitchen stool while waiting for microwave porridge to ping (hip issue massively improved after only a few days)


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Pillow Talk at Achill Running’s August Event 2017

My legs a bit wobbly from running my first ever marathon the day before, without training I might add (blog post on this coming soon), I decide to double gun it and use two cameras to take photos of this event.

The reason for using two cameras is so that I can take two different styles of photographs of participants – one wide angle, and one portrait style with a telephoto lens, as you can see below.

Adolfo Garcia and Colette O'Hagan

Running Legends Collette O’Hagan and Adolfo Garcia at Achill Running’s August event

The event has low numbers, but the atmosphere is one of joy and I don’t capture a single person that isn’t smiling.

Perhaps they are smiling because I’m a handsome bastard with a Greek godlike complexion; perhaps it’s because I, The Galway COW, emanate a sort of spiritual presence the likes of which is recognised by billions of Hindu’s globally; or perhaps I’m just talking sheer bolox.

Please, pardon my French, s’il vous plaît!

In truth, I ran the event the day before and was only signed up to do one lap of the course (a half marathon) but enjoyed it in such a special way that I decided to do a second lap (a full marathon) and I suspect this is why folks are smiling – the landscape is magical and the air is invigorating.

Having gone beyond my limits in running the day before with no training, my body was in a sort of shock that I think prevented me from sleeping a wink and so the call of the pillow is whispering seductively in my ear for the entire day.

One of the health and safety crew, John Quinn, pulls up beside me for a time and keeps me entertained with stories such as dressing up as a woman to run the women’s marathon.

“Would they notice you weren’t a woman?” I enquired.

“I think the tash gives it away,” he laughs.

John Quinn

Once I am sure I have captured every participant at least twice, I head back to the start line, where race director Donna McLoughlin, along with her boyfriend Francis, are lashing out hugs and praise in such a display of from-the-heart warmth as I have never seen at any running event ever.

Running Holidays Ireland

Race Director Donna McLoughlin at her July event welcoming a participant over the line.

At this point the pillows are still softly calling, like a ghostly spectre at the window of a dying man whose soul they have come to retrieve from the earthly realms; and so I acquire a bed in a nearby hostel where the talk, for a little while, gives way to oblivion.


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Sexy, Sexy, Sexy and Wild at the Achill Marathon 2017 (July)

You like sexy, don’t you? Well, let me tell you, dear reader, that I had the sexiest time of my life in Achill at the weekend. No bull. No horns. Just sexy in the most psychologically mind glowingly amazing way possible. (All photos here soon). Continue reading

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24 Hours on the Run at the Belfast 24 Hour World Championships

Aidan Hogan - Irish 24 Hour Running Team 2017

Aidan Hogan – On the final lap at the Belfast 24 Hour World Championships 2017 after having run 137 miles over the time period.

The intense excitement of a child going to Disneyland is what I feel when hurtling through time and space towards Belfast. (BELFAST 24 ALBUMS ARE HERE #1, #2.1, #2.2, #3, #4, #5, #6 )
Continue reading

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The COW-boy ‘tographer Shoots Gaelforce West 2017

Croagh Patrick Gaelforce

Ye haw! After a 7am in the mornin’ hike up the misty holy mountain known as Croagh Patrick, I set me down and wait for the participants to arrive. (All photos here over the next few days).

I got ma brand spanky new sign with me so now every dog gone person will know where to find ma photos (or at least they would if the thing didn’t keep blowin’ all o’er the place) cos it’s a gosh darned cryin’ shame when folks don’t get to see tharselves in action. Continue reading

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Tri of the Tiger at the Lough Cutra Triathlon 2017

chlinn O'Reilly lough cutra triathlon photos 2017

Achlinn O’Reilly – Lough Cutra Winner 2017

Locked and loaded minutes before the winning triathlete reaches the 70km mark (where I’m positioned for today’s photographic extravaganza), I decide to blast out Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and put it on repeat because, well, it’s a gosh darned awesome song and if an athlete isn’t motivated to keep pushing forward by listening to it then in all probability they don’t have a pulse.
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One for the Family at the Lakes of Killarney Marathon 2017

A car exploding into flame on my route down to Kerry for the Lakes of Killarney Marathon 2017 meant that traffic on the motorway was halted for about half an hour.

It always hits me as strange how there’s a giant, and maybe infinite web of interconnected and unfathomable occurrences which lead to every split second happening across the space time continuum.

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Smiles & Miles at the Great Limerick Run 2017

“What are you taking pictures for?” One of a trio of ladies asks me as she’s going by.

“The Galway Cow, missus,” I say, “have you heard of it?”

“Arrah, no,” she says, “but sure you can take our picture and put us on it anyway.”

So I do. (Photos will be here over the next few days)

Great Limerick Run Pics 2017.jpg

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On my Knees Photographing the London Marathon 2017


Even carefully laid plans often go tits up, or maybe I am just unfortunate. The following details my experience taking around 16,000 photos of the London Marathon 2017. (There is a total of 17 albums of photographs of the 2017 London Marathon the links to which will be here as processed: #1, #2, #3#4, #5, #6, #7, #8) Continue reading

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Children of the Road at the Clonakilty Marathon 2016 (Part II of II)

Clonakilty Marathon Photos.jpg

Trapped! It looks like I’m going to spend the whole day locked in this house in Clonakilty instead of photographing the marathon here. (Photos here -albums: #1, #2, #3 )

“If you’re last out, lock the door and leave the key under the mat,” I was told by a very nice lady in the house I’m staying in, “the key will be left in the door until the last person leaves.” But there is no key in the door. With astute and rapid reasoning I realise the only other option is to climb out one of the windows. Continue reading

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