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Smiles & Miles at the Great Limerick Run 2017

“What are you taking pictures for?” One of a trio of ladies asks me as she’s going by. “The Galway Cow, missus,” I say, “have you heard of it?” “Arrah, no,” she says, “but sure you can take our picture … Continue reading

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Liam Neeson has a Profound Impact on Limerick Locals

“I will find you, boy, and you’ll be in trouble then,” said a Limerick bloke who suspected I may have taken his photo (which I hadn’t – the actual photo I took is above this post. I thought it artistic … Continue reading

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Great Limerick Run 2016: “Waste of a Good Day’s Drinking,” says local.

The Great Limerick Run today saw 14,000 people take to the streets to undertake the various races of which it is comprised. It includes a full marathon, a half marathon, and a six mile race. Every runner has their own … Continue reading

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