Children of the Road at the Clonakilty Marathon 2016 (Part II of II)

Clonakilty Marathon Photos.jpg

Trapped! It looks like I’m going to spend the whole day locked in this house in Clonakilty instead of photographing the marathon here. (Photos here -albums: #1, #2, #3 )

“If you’re last out, lock the door and leave the key under the mat,” I was told by a very nice lady in the house I’m staying in, “the key will be left in the door until the last person leaves.” But there is no key in the door. With astute and rapid reasoning I realise the only other option is to climb out one of the windows. Continue reading “Children of the Road at the Clonakilty Marathon 2016 (Part II of II)”

Oh My God, Kilkenny Medieval Marathon 2016!

Kilkenny Medieval Marathhon Photos.JPG

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny! Bastards!”(1)* is reverberating around my brain as I arrive in Kilkenny to photograph their inaugural Medieval Marathon event which consists of a 10k, a half-marathon, a 30k, and a full marathon (Photos here soon). Continue reading “Oh My God, Kilkenny Medieval Marathon 2016!”