How To Do A Marathon Without Training

img_8532Writing this post feels kind of stupid because doing a marathon no longer seems like a big deal to me. But notice how I said “doing”, not running.

I had aspirations of running a marathon since my mid twenties but every single time I got into the rhythm of training my knees, back, or hamstrings, or something else got screwed up and my running came to an abrupt end. Continue reading “How To Do A Marathon Without Training”


Vegans Are Trying To Make Animals Extinct, Warn Experts.

img_8474Experts have today released a shocking announcement that farm animals may all be extinct in the near future if the current spread of Veganism continues unabated. Continue reading “Vegans Are Trying To Make Animals Extinct, Warn Experts.”

Would You Prefer A Finisher Medal Or A Decent Photo For Your Wall?

Couch to 36 Miles in 3 Weeks with The Peyton Method :-)

Richard Peyton
While I know I look fierce muscular and narcissistic in this photo, I’m actually neither. What appears to be muscle is actually condensed flab and what appears to be narcissism is really just a bit of fun inspired by watching too many Rocky movies. “Yo, Adrienne, let’s do this”

Continue reading “Couch to 36 Miles in 3 Weeks with The Peyton Method :-)”