THE UNREPENTANT PRIEST (Part 1 – a monologue)

I will not repent for the scandals the satanic media whores lay at my door. I was a good priest. I always did what I thought best and now they use my name in sensationalist headlines like “Father Daly Summoned In Paedophile Investigation”.

I did my best. I served my community proudly and diligently for 45 years and I never once put a foot wrong and now my name is dragged through the mud by the fake news media who are struggling to keep readers interested by pedaling misleading filth.

I sacrificed having a family, I christened many children, heard many confessions, resisted many temptations, and shepherded my flock so that they could have wholesome, enriching lives, and I always honoured the confidentiality of the confessional box.

There were times, times when I struggled with my faith, yes, yes, of course there was, but I always maintained integrity! Always kept sight of the greater good. Always had everyone’s best interests at heart.

The media dare to criticize me, for my failings, and yet powerful forces want to teach five year old children about sexual activities! They want to teach five year olds that men can have babies! And at the same time they question my integrity and put my name on the front of papers calling me paedophile?

The apostles of satan, these media people are. APOSTLES OF SATAN!

They write in the papers that members of the church, my church, show such disrespect for life that they threw babies in septic tanks when this was not the case. The graves of these innocents was in the vicinity of a septic tank not IN a septic tank. Are not we all “in the vicinity” of septic tanks of some kind? Indeed, has not the world thrown its morals in a septic tank? A great writer once wrote that “we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”. Is there much difference between a gutter and a septic tank? And is not the role of the priest to help his flock see the stars?

These people, these people that slander us then go on to offer abortion on demand so that 900 babies are killed every month in our hospitals. 900 innocents killed before even getting a chance to breathe. Killed as if abortion was some form of contraception!

Sex, sex is like a fire that provides great comfort in the fire place. But if you light a fire out of its place then it will not be long before the whole house BURNS TO THE GROUND.

Abandoned by their families, ostracized by them, ostracized by the town, nuns of our order took unwed mothers in, fed them, fed their children, clothed them, looked after them, and many of them went on to live happy, fruitful lives after our support.

Tuberculosis ravaged the country then. Times were hard. Entire families wound up in pauper’s graves, with no money for headstones. I knew the nuns in Tuam. They were good, good decent people who sacrificed their lives, sacrificed having families themselves in the service of god, of humanity, of divinity. Cruel? Were some of them cruel? Yes, undoubtedly, but even the cruelest were not so bad as the families that abandoned their own kin. After all, without the home many of those who went on to live productive, happy lives would have died at the side of the road. They call people who were there “survivors” as if it was some kind of sinister death camp where people were killed.

Of course the news now report that the babies were buried “in the vicinity” of a septic tank and not actually in it, as they previously reported, but now the story has gone around the world and no apology has been offered for the stain they’ve wrongfully poured upon the church, upon people’s faith.

(Subsequent parts coming soon in a short story collection called Dystopia)

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