Modern Parenting

“So long, suckas!” a chirpy young child ejected as he was being pushed on the swing by his mother.

“Oh, don’t say that,” said mother, “just say ‘so long’ or ‘so long, amigos’.”Political correctness is a very serious consideration in modern life, so serious that modern mum must teach her children what he/she can or cannot say from an early age. His/her career might depend upon it.

On hearing this exchange between mother and child, I couldn’t help but be offended.

“Amigo” is a Spanish word and this woman telling her child that “So long, suckas” was unacceptable while “So long, amigos” is acceptable makes me fear for the future of the English language since if you start to mix the two then English might devolve into some kind of strange gibberish that might aptly be called Spanglish.

I wasn’t really offended, but a language purist may have been. However, I’m inclined to wonder what will happen if we keep lowering the bar as to what is deemed to be an acceptable thing to say.

Perhaps we should all have our kids’ tongues removed now. It might be prudent to do so.

I think our new age of Political Correctness is making for an entertainment media which is so caught up in trying not to offend people that it is becoming increasingly boring, humourless, phoney and less and less worth listening to, and it’s hardly surprising. If one dares to express an opinion that a percentage of people might be offended by then there is a very good chance of being fired for it.

Political Correctness, thus, and the keyboard warriors who police it by always seeming to be getting offended by something nowadays, seems to me to be a form of censorship, the rules of which are not written down anywhere and seem to be quite random and I can’t help but think of societal structures like Communism and Fascism which were synonymous with censorship.

In Communist Poland, for example, everything western was considered evil so-much-so that if your neighbour found out you had a radio, and were using it to listen to The Beatles, he could report you to the authorities and you might well have been taken from your family in the middle of the night and never seen by anybody ever again.

The difference between Politically Correct censorship and Communist censorship, however, is that certain people who were not fond of of the latter could blame their distaste on a tangible and recognisable ideology (I.E: Communism) whereas Politically Correct censorship can come from anywhere at any time and can often seem somewhat random. This is because everybody with a social media account now has a voice and can potentially rally a percentage of the multitudes and enact a career-ending outcry targeted at anybody who dares to express an opinion that a certain percentage of people do not like the sound of.

Thus, it is clear, that if you are in the media then it is safer not to express any opinions of any sort because you might offend somebody and that could end your career.

I was with my 8 year old son when I heard modern mum teaching her son not to say “So long, suckas”, and it led to my explaining to him about the term Political Correctness. My son is bi-lingual and can speak Polish and English fluently and so I asked him if using two different languages in the same sentence made sense to him. “That makes no sense,” he said. The mouths of babes……


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