Vegans Are Trying To Make Animals Extinct, Warn Experts.

img_8474Experts have today released a shocking announcement that farm animals may all be extinct in the near future if the current spread of Veganism continues unabated.

“These people say that animals are sentient beings and should not be eaten,” said Dr Tom Foolery of the Institute of Protecting Animals From the Threat of Vegans, “but, let’s face it – nobody is going to keep a cow, a sheep, or a pig, or whatever, as a pet, so if everyone becomes vegan then such animals will cease to exist.”

Hitting back at the suggestion, the vegan community issued a statement that said a life where the only purpose was to be eaten was worse than extinction.

Dr Tom Foolery said it was good that animals had a purpose; many humans did not and this resulted in them getting drunk all the time.

The Galway Cow News, bringing you socio-political stories that actually make sense in a fucked up sort of way.


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