Galway Man Thinks He’s A Cow, Demands Respect

29013561063_93e98e2ed5_o“A cow trapped inside a man’s body, that’s how I feel,” said the Galway man in a mooving tone.“I don’t know why it’s so hard to fathom,” he continued, “I mean women get trapped in men’s bodies and men get trapped in women’s bodies so I just don’t see why my condition is so hard to accept.”

“What makes you think you’re a cow?” we enquired.

“I like grass,” he said, “not eating it though, smoking it, Jamaican Super Skunk. Cows have four stomachs but I only have one, but the weed suits me grand. I just smoke it all day and stare out the window, munching, just like a cow does.”

When asked what he thought about people who said he was mentally ill and referred to him as a ‘mad cow’ he said, “They used to think gays were mentally ill, but look – now we have a gay Taoiseach. My hope is that one day a cow will be Taoiseach; I believe it will happen.”

The Galway Cow News, bringing you human interest stories that you care about.


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