Fucking Nutcase Trains Barefoot

img_8403The Galway Cow has learned that there is an out-and-out nutcase going around the country, running marathons, who does a lot of his training barefoot.

“It’s the way nature intended,” asserted the fucking nutcase, “your toes are meant to splay so as to balance you out, not be squashed up into bunion riddled triangles.”

“We did not evolve wearing shoes,” he continued, “shoes make our feet weak and we all know what happened to the biblical fool who built his house on a foundation of sand.”

Perplexed, we asked, “What the hell has building houses got to do with wearing shoes?” At this the fucking nutcase took a deep sigh.

The fucking nutcase has won a lot of marathons but hasn’t once been spotted barefoot, which detracts credibility from his story and is a clear indication that shoes are, in fact, a good thing.

Nike have warned people to never ever go without shoes because they would most probably step on a syringe, get AIDS, and die horribly.

The Galway Cow Sports, keeping you up-to-date with weird shit.


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