Galway Man (90) Who Once Had Sexual Desires Shamed In Court

img_8378In the latest in a string of sexual indiscretions the Galway COW can reveal that a 90 year old Galway man once had desires of a sexual nature.

“I was a young man,” he said, “barely 18, and I was overcome with lust. I lost control one day and pinched a barmaid’s plump bottom.”

The former barmaid, who can not be named for legal reasons, said she has struggled with depression ever since having her ass grabbed in such a lurid and disrespectful manner.

Thankfully, the #meToo social media campaign has given women like this the courage to speak out and seek justice.

The former barmaid is said to have suffered lifelong depression as a result of her ordeal and subsequently had 8 children by 8 different men. “I just felt I could not trust men after this ordeal; it destroyed my life,” she tearfully stated in court.

Judge Enrica Feminista adjourned sentencing of the elderly man until next April so as a team of psychiatric professionals could establish whether he was at risk of reoffending.


3 thoughts on “Galway Man (90) Who Once Had Sexual Desires Shamed In Court

  1. When I was 18, I experienced something similar. I walloped the offender so hard that my hand still hurts (I’m now 50). I like my reaction better, but social security refused to pay for my physiotherapy, and nobody wanted to hire me in case I smacked someone else. So I opened my own business. Woohoo!


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