Couch to 36 Miles in 3 Weeks with The Peyton Method :-)

Richard Peyton
While I know I look fierce muscular and narcissistic in this photo, I’m actually neither. What appears to be muscle is actually condensed flab and what appears to be narcissism is really just a bit of fun inspired by watching too many Rocky movies. “Yo, Adrienne, let’s do this”

I ran a marathon last week in 5 hours and 7 mins as part of the director’s run at one of Achill Running’s events with only 2 x 2 mile training runs in the week leading up to it.  I intend to write a rather long winded article on this but that will have to wait till a later date because I’m kinda lazy.

I have signed up to run for 6 hours as part of the Listowel Endurance Festival on 22nd of September and hope to run a target distance of 36 miles in the 6 hours. It’s possible I will fail miserably and end up rupturing something along the way, but I guess if things aren’t challenging then there’s not much reason to do them.

The reason for posting about all of this is because somehow making public declarations about things makes one more likely to do them.

I shall be posting a daily update of my diet and training under the link The Peyton Method where the following links on training and diet will be.

Progress So Far

26.2 Miles in Achill on 25th of August with 1 Week of “Training” – obviously no real training was done but I was very careful about my diet.

Current Status

Weight: 15 Stone (95kgs approx)

Injuries: Neck and hip issues.


– Postural correction by sleeping flat on my back on the floor – badly injured my neck about 2 years ago – Physio was unhelpful, sleeping on the floor for a month helped massively
– Barefoot running twice a week (No not Vibram Five Fingers – actual barefoot running)
– Ice cold showers for about a minute at the end of every hot shower
– Step ups on kitchen stool while waiting for microwave porridge to ping (hip issue massively improved after only a few days)


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