Play Misty For Me at the Eddie Murphy Memorial Marathon 2016


“You wouldn’t put a cow out in it,” jests one of the competitors in reference to how cold the day is. Alas, I’m a bit slow and it takes a second before I realise he’s referring to me. (All photos are here).

I’m in Clare today to photograph Six Mile Bridge’s Eddie Murphy Memorial run which is in aid of the local hospice. Eddie Murphy, I’m told, was a local of the town and an avid runner who tragically lost his life to cancer.

Today’s marathon is a one mile loop with people doing anywhere between 13 and 52 (Half Marathon to Double Marathon distances) and the mist is thick.

Instead of bothering to take photos, for the first hour or so I simple blabber away to people, discussing fantastically important issues such as how big my lens is.

Since I’m here, I eventually decide to take a photo or two, but not before getting a blast of hugs from various runners along the route.

Visibility is very poor and the participants have to exercise extreme caution to avoid mishaps.


Throughout the day the fog seems to worsen and the temperature seems to drop more and more, but love and friendship, and solidarity are as heavy in the air as the cold.


After taking way too many photos I head back to Galway and I’ve realised that these events are not merely about running or taking photos or any individual aspect. They are about people coming together as a community to do something positive as a unit.

Still though, the mileage that these guys do every week seems a bit crazy to me and I can’t help but ponder what Ozzy Osborne famously said about his family: “I love you all, but you’re all f@*king mad.”


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