A Galway Snail Tale


Sammy Snail and his wife Samantha are in love. Unlike many other species of life, they like to take their time with their romantic liasons and I was a witness to their canoodling earlier on today.

Awed by the romantic mating rituals of these creatures, such that I have often accidentally crushed under my shoe, I decided to observe them for a little while and found it all very moving. Moving in a slow way, you understand, as snails never do anything quickly – and why would they? Surely if something is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly and Lionel Richie will be the first man to tell you that.  As I watch this slow moving romance his song, Stuck on You, is playing in that intangible sphere I possess which is known as my imagination.

As I watch these creatures they seem to finish up their romantic fondling and I’m inclined to wonder if the reason for this may be that they are a little bit camera shy. But that’s when I notice something extraordinary.

As I look more closely, I observe tiny little creatures that are perched on the shells of the snails and it occurs to me that these slimy little creatures must be in the Taxi business.


The snail moves to the top of the wall it is on and then decides to do a u-turn and go back down towards the bottom of it. I think perhaps he had an argument with one of his passengers as one of them jumps off and appears to have decided that walking would be a faster option.


Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something from The Galway Snail Tale. I know I did.



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