Seeking the Love Guru of Lisdoonvarna

The Matchmarker Bar

“Any bit a matchmaking going on inside?” I ask the bouncer outside The Matchmaker (bar) and he denies, says that Willie’s not about but that he’s probably up in the Hydro (hotel).

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

So, on I go and look up there but Willie Daly I find nowhere and they tell me he’s down in The Matchmaker (from where I just came).

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

Back I go but my search is in vain but it’s nice to be back again and I meet a man that looks a bit like Christy Moore.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

The guitar man plays Lisdoonvarna and some folks are jiving on the dance floor.

After a time I leave The Matchmaker (bar), check out The Ritz, and finally land in the Ravine (hotel).

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

Some characters are playing a bit of music, the barmaid lashes out free MiWadis to me, she’s nice and so I strike up a bit of a conversation.

Hotel Ravine Lisdoonvarna.jpg

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

On learning the lady was married with kids I ask if Willie was the man responsible for her romance.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

“Oh, I was married long before I knew anything about Willie,” she says.

“Like a good Catholic girl,” I reply, and we both chuckle.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

I search high and low, up and down, but nowhere can I find the elusive Willie Daly.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

Hours go by and I feel like I could cry, but then I head up to Derek Ryan, who’s playing in a marquee at the sports ground up the road, for a spot a dancing.

Derek Ryan - Lisdoonvarna 2016.jpg

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

My spirits back up high, I resolve to have one more try and I head on back down to the Matchmaker (bar).

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

Lo-and-behold I see the man himself and I enquire as to the magic of his profession.

Willie Daly - The Matchmaker.jpg

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

“Sometimes people get a bit drunk and they come to me to find a wife,” he jokes.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

He’s approached by young men who seek a laying hen and while they wait they sip a few beers.

Matchmaking in The Matchmaker.jpg

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

His angelic assistant fills me in on much details as Willie Daly himself is in high demand.

Aisling the matchmaker's assistant

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

His book of love is 150 years old and is full of romances of which Hollywood has never told.

The Matchmakers Files.jpg

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

Before long, out the door I’m gone, and I get reflective as I drive away.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna

What I really want is a rich widow so I must come back and see Willie Daly again another day.

Oh, Lisdoonvarna, ah  Lisdoon, Lisdoon, Lisdoon-varna.

*Lyrics used without permission of Christy Moore. But I’m sure he won’t mind. He’s a sound fella.

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