Drugging and Driving in Galway

Your Vision on Drugs

Last night we at the Galway COW conducted a scientific experiment to see if there was, in fact, any issues with drugging and driving or whether the government campaign to stop people doing it is simply a load of old exaggerated codswallop designed to stop people having a bit of craic while doing a few laps around town.

We teamed up with NUIG science professor Dr Strangefellow for the purposes of seeing EXACTLY what happens when someone drives on these illegal substances. The technique, a delicate one, involved inserting a nano-sized surveillance camera behind the drugged up driver’s eyeballs so as to capture how things looked for him as he drove around.

The drugs used are undisclosed in case some gobshite gets the urge to replicate our controlled experiment and inadvertently kill someone. The fact is that the visuals were quite cool, even if it may be a thing that they interfere with one’s ability to drive safely.

The results, as is obvious from the photos we retrieved from the nano-camera, suggest that the government are right this time and that if you drive on drugs you really are “out of your mind.”

The Galway COW Investigations(G.C.I), live from Galway.


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