Walking With Redbeard

The currents of life often drag people in different directions, as is natural, but sometimesbeard those currents converge again for brief and satisfying moments filled with laughter and a touch of nostalgia. Just now, while walking the hound, I met a friend of twenty years ago, who I shall call, simply, Redbeard, so as to protect his identity from any gangsta-like-folk from the hood that might be out to hunt him down and pop-a-cap in his ass for disrespecting their mommas back in the day.

All jokes aside, we had a good chat. Knowing that this man had studied history for years I asked him if he knew anything about local history to which he replied, “Not much. I only know about very specific parts of history and a lot of people expect you to know everything about the history of the world from the dawn of time.”

“I understand,” I say, because I do. “The same thing happened to me when I did a Higher Diploma in I.T a few years ago. People smash their computers off the wall and expect you to get your MacGyver hat on and piece it back together like brand new. You feel ashamed when you can’t, and even more so when they look at you with a slight wince of the eyes, and say, almost in a whisper, “I thought you were a computer expert.”

For those of you who are too young to remember MacGyer, check this out – the man was Awesome – with a capital “A”.

The Galway COW Nostalgia, live from Galway.


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