Public Alert: Racist Perverts Overheard in City Centre Pub?


Members of the public are advised to be on red alert this evening as a member of the public has contacted us here at the Galway COW in relation to a bunch of potential racist perverts he overheard meticulously planning what sounded like a highly organised activity.

The group, we have been told, were talking in detail about “flashing” and complaining that the “white balance” and “contrast” wasn’t right and that they planned “to work on that” so as to “improve things”. This, the public member told us, sounded very distressing.

He went on, “They looked like ordinary people, but when I heard them talking about ‘exposure’ and ‘compensation’, I knew that there was something highly sinister afoot.”

Here at the Galway COW, we believe they may have been members from a local camera club since the terminology appears to reflect that, according to our in-house experts. However, there is no harm being vigilant and advising the public so as they can be extra careful.

The Galway COW news, live from Galway.


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