Liam Neeson has a Profound Impact on Limerick Locals


“I will find you, boy, and you’ll be in trouble then,” said a Limerick bloke who suspected I may have taken his photo (which I hadn’t – the actual photo I took is above this post. I thought it artistic because it was as if the traffic signal was giving the okay to go to Burger King, as often seems a good idea to a man when he’s consumed a few alcoholic beverages). I thought to myself: best case scenario he’s seen Taken and fancies himself as a bit of a Liam Neeson, worst case scenario he means what he says and “will find” me and “will kill” me. This  city is sometimes the subject of negative media reports, after all, so I decide to err on the side of caution and offered to show him the picture that I took so as to prove that I hadn’t captured his handsome face. I say handsome, however, not because he was actually a good looking chap (he wasn’t) but just in case he might have, in reality, “a unique set of special skills”, by which I mean access to bazookas and AK47’s, as apparently many gangs in Limerick do. Upon this offer, he stated, “I don’t need to see none of that shit, boy, but if I find out you took my photo I will find you and I will kill you.”

Thankfully, as you may have guessed from reading this post, I arrived home safe and sound.

The Galway COW, reporting live from Limerick.



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