Alone in the Subway (of life)

You cling to my neck, exhausted

Sitting in the best seat in town

We call it the arm chair

Which always makes you smile

Keeping you safe is my only thought now

I have a headache, an earache, and chills ripple through my body

But I keep you entertained and laughing

Hoards of moving people move towards the train

They are all strangers to us

We’re all people, but none do I trust

To guard your innocence, to keep you safe

To care for you, like I care for you

When not carrying you I hold your small hand tightly

So tightly that you sometimes say, “Ow”

And need to open and close your hand a few times to return the blood flow

You’re young, and pure, and sweet, and innocent,

And have no awareness of the dangers I perceive

I promise you I’ll try

To never leave you

Alone in the subway.


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